• About the history of our school: We started Sobhe Rouyesh in 2014 in the center of social harm in Tehran. The building was given by an MOU (memorandum of understanding) between the municipality and our founders. the building of School was totally wrecked at the time and it was renovated in 2014. Meanwhile our psychologists and social workers was working in order to convince the families that their children need education. Finally, we opened the school on September 2015(eth) with 175 students.

As you’ve known our children here are vulnerable, Therefore, it was continuously important for them to assistant by the social workers and psychologists in the school. 


  • The little village (Dehkade): the philosophy behind Dehkade is helping our children to improve their skills on anger management and self-control by virtue of being in the nature. 


  • The yellow spiral line: This is the way our children queue up in Sobhe Rouyesh. Students take each other hands and say the unity slogan regarding equality of all children in spite of different nationalities, different languages, or different ages and grads in Sobhe Rouyesh. They can hold anyone’s hands or stay beside whoever they want.


  • Vatan kade: the place where children must learn about literature, history and beliefs. They read ancient literature books like Shahname and learn about Iranian legends.


  • Happiness bell: the bell is located in the hallway. Both students and staff can express their happiness, by ringing the bell.

Ringing the bell is to share good feelings with others.


  • famous Characters on the tree: we designed this paper tree in that the pictures of well-known people, who had a life full of hardship, were hung on each branch to inspire and induce our students to achieve their goals such as these people.


  • Wishes on the wall: there is a special wall where our students have a chance to write their wishes and hang them right here on the wall. It can help them to express their thinking and also it can be useful for the teachers to get to know about their wishes! We try to teach them, it’s themselves who should try hard to achieve their dreams, not anyone else.


  • A place to talk: most of the time our children have problems solving their struggles and challenges with their peers. So there is a special spot in our school where children with the help of their mentors can learn to solve problems amicably and avoid judging each other. 

they will be invited to talk with each other wisely and meaningfully. Mainly, they will learn problem-solving there.

  • The wall with the hand prints: The Ideas behind this wall are on one hand to give our children the feeling of having an identity because some of our students have problems in connection with identity or relevant documents.  So they can have a unique piece of their identity, their hands’ prints, recorded on the wall. On the other hand, they have the chance to put their hand prints as part of our school decoration, and as a result, they will get the feeling of belongingness to their school.

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