Theme: Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World

International Youth Day on August 12 focuses on the difficulties that some young people are experiencing throughout the world.

In Sobh-e Rouyesh school we believe we are here to teach our students several necessary soft and hard skills for their future. This is the best way to help them through all the difficulties that they may face in their lifetime. In in one of our centers called javan-kade we provide more than twenty optional courses. Our students can learn many skills such as tailoring, wood art, handicraft, bakery, computer, etc. over there.

We also have a place called Dehkade which is a translation of the world “village” in Persian. Dehkade is one of our classes. In this class we focus on teaching green skills. They learn how to plant seeds and harvest their products. And beyond that, they learn how to respect nature, plants and animals and take care of them.

And as the UN Secretary-General António Guterres said: “Humanity depends on the boundless energy, ideas and contributions of youth everywhere. Today and every day, let’s support and stand with young people in shaping a just and sustainable world, for people and planet.” We support and stand with young people.

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